(Liv)e Loved.

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You called me out upon the waters; the great unknown, where feet may fail.

I’m pretty sure this ocean water has been the best part of today

Guys I had like a real meeting today.

The crazy thing about life is that we put so much stock and value in our material possessions and successes but we will all die one day and all of that stuff will mean nothing. 

The complete nacho cheesiness that is WeeklyChris actually hurts me

I don’t have a class right now so basically all I do is go to work, clean, cook, sit at Starbucks alone and wish I was married.

I’m such a child… a stupid child and don’t tell me I’m not because I know that I am lol! 

I made the stupidest mistake I’ve ever made in the history of my life. I signed up for a Marshall’s credit card. In my defense, the lady did not tell me it was a credit card! So I signed up for it, not realizing what I was doing and now I have $300 credit and a balance of $52 :( What do I do????? 

I want to close it but #1 will is damage my credit even if I pay off what I spent? and #2 how much are credit card payments and how long will a $300 balance take to pay off? and #3 would it be ok for me to wait about 4 months to pay it off in full??? I’m freaking out and don’t know what to do! Someone help! I’m such an idiot..

I want to be in love with Jesus, not the culture, trends, and success that is associated with serving Him. 

what are some good shows to watch on Netflix? I already watched all the PLL episodes but I’ve got a pint of gelato and I don’t have to go into work until noon tomorrow. Any suggestions?